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Posted by arley sanchez on June 8, 2011 at 6:30 PM

Desire inflames spangled lips,

red pumps stir sparks

on a catwalk windy with stars,

a galaxy dazzled by black nylon

and red garters,

energy pulses from a comet

rambles closer, and in the shadows

planets swirl amid a taste of sugary pears.

Tingles on your lips linger on mine,

collecting heat, even your eyes are meteors

pulled by an irresistible force

I can’t resist,

bending your body like a knife half opened,

your red lips flame like in comet’s tail,

and a desert wind murmurs dangerous promises

whispered in soft sighs

sparking fires in the heavenly bodies

out of control.

Saturn and Gemini witness

to our unrequited love,

lonely winds with a scent of lilacs,

your soft skin draped by a satin scarf of secrets.

My disheartened desire pulses in a dark universe,

a comet celestially, perpetually,


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