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From Behind Bars

Posted by arley sanchez on April 28, 2011 at 12:55 PM

From behind bars, they call out like cats,

time frozen on clown face clocks striking midnight.

When the lights go out, nightmares begin,

out of cities, out of God’s pure country,

out of ghost towns, out of neon’s glimmer uptown,

out of fear, out of anger,

out of bitch, out of bastard,

out of mother’s poisoned heart,

out of empty pockets,

from jars left ajar, from traps lightly sprung,

from a shiver of cold,

from crying alone face to the wall,

from no light at dawn,

from eyes like grave markers

gazing at dreams rotting in the sun,

out of dead men walking in circles,

out of boys become men

or not, their empty shells tossed in a pile,

from the stench of denial,

from a lunatic moon,

from no reason to rise,

out of lives torn asunder.

They come, without end, out of blindness,

out of vengeance is mine,

from a beast feeding on spirits,

from a need for closure,

from lockdown, from lights out,

from everything under control,

out of rehab is for quitters,

out of an eye for an eye,

from a blackout can be a busy little devil,

out of time served,

and still imprisoned.

out of cruelty, out of unusual,

out of what might have been,

out of lonely, out of time

from the color of dirt piled by a grave,

out of today is the first day

and the day after yesterday,

from behind a curtain

of faith, from a bursting of hope

smothered behind bars.

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