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Posted by arley sanchez on February 3, 2011 at 2:25 PM


You call yourself an American,

a Mexican-American.

Hyphens divide

and so does a leaky border.

Every time there's a crime,

it's by black or brown grime.

Don't believe me,

just watch the TV.

I pay good taxes to keep you

where you belong,

safely behind bars. safe for you

and for me.


Brown's not a crime,

 you call me mojado,

but my back is dry,

 born here before pilgrims,

my children fight for barrios

and band in gangs of blood angry red

or brutal bruised blue,

in zoot suits and baggy pantalones,

dangling chains that bind them for life.

No such place as Aztlan,

it died at the Alamo

with Davie and Bowie,

 but your tacos are cheap

and spicy, like your women.

I love a fiesta,

 festive and fun

but you must help me pay

to dream the American Dream,

to be like US,

like the rest of US, an American.

I love America,

but you steal my tomorrows,

why are my children pushed

 out of school,

allowed to sleep with no dreams,

called borderline,

stored away in vo-ed or special-ed,

perdidos sin confianza,

and I can't believe

it's a destiny que mi tata Dios

ever made manifest.


We are built on unity and conformity,

diversity unnecessary,

nor individuality, just loyalty.

To keep you in prison,

my taxes are high,

so high I can't buy a new SUV;

and that's just plain UN-American,

pray and work and play

like the rest of US

 in the melting pot.


No entiendes, I don't want to be you,

I want to be free to be me,

to speak en mi lengua,

to teach my own history,

de mi cultura, de mi gente,

and I want to honor los ancianos

who refused to melt in the pot.

Cesar Chavez said to respect

one's culture does not mean

to hold another in contempt.


Tempting visions of Aztlan,

mi casa es su casa,

Alamo is the heart

 of a powerful America,

pero tambien el corazon de Aztlan,

diversity breeds strength

 and beauty,

all of our hearts beating as one

for in all our hearts

beats the same love,

the same hope.

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